Saturday, April 30, 2016

And the finished piece.

And this is the finished piece, 'Through the Woods'. I've photographed it and am submitting it for consideration for the 2016 Mohawk Hudson Regional. It's the 80th Anniversary of the regional juried exhibit - the oldest regional juried exhibit in the US! We'll see... the exhibit is October - January 2016.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A new path to explore.

I've been sketching all winter and letting ideas stew and brew and finally got to work in the studio over the past few weeks to explore a new creative direction.
Landscape & nature photography, polymer and felt have been kicking around in my studio and my head for years now. 20+ for the landscapes, 15 for the polymer and now nearly 5 for felt... and I've kept thinking of ways they can work together. This new piece was a complete 'what if' moment and was so incredibly fun to just puzzle through and create.

The landscape... the layout of the roving just before wet felting.
The beginning of the felt rocks and other elements. I kept a palette consistent with the roving I was using and mixed the polymer colors to create the rocks and tendrils for the plants to match.

Wet felted with the polymer rocks imbedded to be revealed as I cut away areas of felt later.

The felt rocks and some polymer rocks mid layout and work.

A sunny morning in the studio with the landscape on the pin foam. I needed to set some of the felted elements and other polymer pieces to begin to add depth.

Elements are added to the 'trees & vines' and some of the polymer rocks are set with other areas of felt needle felted and waiting.

Lots and lots of stitching to set all the felt & polymer elements.

And then some more stitching to set the piece on the background canvas as it's final display.

A closeup of the foreground with the felt & polymer rocks.