Studio Images

After much thought, organization and reorganization, I've finally finished pulling together the studio. This was my winter project to get things cleaned up, easier to access and work with. So far I'm unbelievably happy working in the room since it's been finished so that's probably a good sign! Now it's time to buckle down and get some works printed, polymer pieces made and fired and new jewelry pieces designed!

Some Studio specs: 11'x 20', 3 south/southeast facing windows, 1 sink, 1 tile spray area.

The view from the doorway across the work table.

A view toward the 'wet' area of the studio. The print screen on the table on the special hinged deck that Adam built for me. The tiled area for hosing off the screen sometimes becomes temporary storage for the rug cleaning machines.

The sink isn't huge, but it's deep and is easy to turn to from the print table with messy brushes and sponges. The oven for firing the polymer clay beads has a stone area built into the countertop so I can set hot beads down without worrying about scorching the counter.

Another view of the tile area and the spot where the easel lives until I pull it out to paint.

The pull out pantry cupboard holds all the full jars of inks for printing, the top shelf has a few jars of mixed colors. the cupboard above the sink was cleaned out and holds all my paints, watercolors and pastels. The basket is great for sponges and gets pulled out when I need it.

See! All so clean and set.

The paper cupboard is all reorganized and nicely stacked and convenient to the print stand. The drawers have been reorganized with kitchen and junk drawers spacers which are fantastic to separate different size brushes, scissors, pencils, pens, glue and so much more.

The polymer work space is in the foreground with the bead table and bead drawers in the background. I love the natural light from the window as I bead. It certainly makes seeing the littlest beads easier!

This is the polymer clay bookshelf that has all the clays, tools, work trays and implements I need to create my beads. It's situated directly behind me as I sit on the stool at the work station and so easy to reach!

The bead table. And yes, I did clean it up for the photograph, usually I have bags of beads, wire, tools and findings spread all over the table!

The bead drawers. The cases are usually used in garages to organize screws, nuts, bolts and nails, but they work great to keep all my beads organized by color and type.

My new bookshelves! It's really wonderful for all my resources to have their own spaces and easily seen. The top holds shadow boxes from a recent show, the fishing lure cases hold jewelry ready to go, magazines are stacked by type and date, and the stereo is set with the best of inspiring music keyed up on the iPod!

My computer corner. The wall is covered with both my prints and other inspiring works from artists I love, Mark Rothko, Wolf Kahn and Kandinsky are currently on display.