Saturday, February 24, 2018

A redesign and a new beginning.

It's time! I'm about to clean out my studio to redesign it. I'm at a point where the space needs to be reworked so I can keep moving forward with my ideas and artwork.

These are the "Before" photos taken this afternoon!
The view from the doorway south into the studio.
The view north toward the sink area and doorway.

New configurations of counters, work spaces, a redesigned island on locking casters, and new wall shelving organization. The best part is that I'll be reusing most of the cabinets and only adding wall brackets and possibly new lights that will be better focused on the new work areas. A kids cabinet in the island is planned for their supplies will live so they can create with me, and then can clean up better at the end of the day! I can still share my space with them and they will be able to work on their projects, but the space will be easier to let them work and then all their projects will have a cabinet to be put in and out of the way of some of my bigger projects that are tending to spread across surfaces.
Step one is putting things away and packing up (so much stuff!!!), and then the jigsaw puzzle begins of moving everything around!
I'm so excited. If all goes well the studio should be put back together by late spring.