As a former art teacher now stay at home mom to two amazing children I claim that I am mommy by day and artist by nap and night. Almost like being a superhero with a secret identity!

  Polymer, photography and printmaking are the focus of my art at this time. I am finding that more and more of my printing and my polymer clay designs link. The blog will describe the overlaps as I find them. Sometimes the connections between the two mediums are as obvious as an image transfer and other times it is a simple as a color.

  As a photographer and printer, my images are vibrant prints of the nature in the Adirondacks. I look for unique angles and compositions in each of my photographs. Many of the photographs are then interpreted using transparent screenprinting inks on handmade paper and then altered with photographic computer programs. 

  Additionally my jewelry designs combine the beauty, colors and textures of the Adirondacks with the versatility of polymer clay. Many of those colors, textures, designs and inspiring images link the photographs, prints and jewelry pieces together for a beautiful cross of mediums.

  I have been working with polymer clay since 2002 and am enjoying experimenting with all the techniques and color combinations possible with the material. My photography and printing are continuing after over 18 years of experimentation and learning.

  All images, photographs, prints and jewelry are my designs and copyrighted. If you would like to reproduce an image, please contact me. Polymer & Prints can be contacted via email at sebpearsall@verizon.net

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