Tuesday, January 08, 2019

New Year... new logo... new look... new studio.

Last winter I started the long process of a much needed update and rethink of my art.

The studio has since been redesigned for how I am creating with a combination of felt, polymer, digital photography, painting, jewelry and beading. I'll be posting new images of the space soon.

As things have changed in my life and my family time spent in the studio had gotten pushed to the side for a time. Now I'm working toward finding moments that I can hike through the woods for inspiration, work in the studio and push myself creatively.

And so along with the redesign of the studio, rethinking of time spent on creating art, I've also decided to move away from my old logo and description of Polymer & Prints to Sara Pearsall Arts. This better represents how I am creating as I use so many different materials and how I am pushing myself to draw inspiration from the world around me.

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