Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Road Trip.

Otherwise known as 'I need to add to my stash to further my creativity!' This past Saturday I drove down to New England Felting Supply in MA with my sketchbooks and iPad in hand. I have a few sketches fleshed out to the point of working through colors and I've planned what I'll need to felt some of the backgrounds and various elements. 

I was all set with the amounts of polymer I'll need and the canvas sizes for the final pieces, but some of my colors of felt were low and I knew I'd need more of others to fully work through my ideas!

So it was off in the car for a road trip, a fantastic visit with much encouragement and assistance at NEFS and I am now back home with colors in hand! Seriously - being at NEFS I now know how my kids must feel when they enter a candy or toy store...

The wall of dyed merino was so fun to peruse as I matched colors!

Now the difficult part will be fitting in some studio time in the midst of beach days and adventures with the little ones.

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