Monday, December 05, 2016

A weekend workshop!

I just spent the weekend in Burlington, VT at the Northeast Fiber Arts Center taking an amazing class with Marjolein Dallinga of Bloomfelt. The class was fun, challenging, inspiring and it was such a joy to take part in. Marjolein is an incredible teacher and is so generous with her knowledge and so very patient as she guided the class through the many, many steps and stages of our projects.

Marjolein's work can be found on the web at Bloomfelt and on Facebook.

It felt fantastic to have three full days to simply focus on learning. I'm now thinking of some new ideas to play with over this winter as the snow flies outside and the studio is warm and cozy. 

The photos show the beginning stage of one of the felting projects that began as a simple triangle and then was combined with multiple cords. And the other project which pushed my limits thinking through colors, layering wool and working with multiple resists to create a scultpture.

This is the final result of the initial triangle.

An this was the multiple resist project with layers and layers of wool!

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