Sunday, April 02, 2017

A new work in progress.

After gathering ideas, working through some sketches and pulling out all the colors of merino and polymer I thought I'd need. I finally got to work again over the past few weeks.

I wanted to work with more elements in the foreground than I did in the last felted landscape. I spent a significant amount of time making different polymer 'beads' to add, and felting elements that resemble lichen and moss before I even started to layout the layers and layers of wool for the background.

Now it's finally to a point where most of the wet felting is finished and I have it pinned to the foam backing to start working with layers and layers of needle felting and stitching.

Beginning to layout all the elements.

Polymer pieces in the midst of adding texture and color veneers.

The initial merino wool layers for the background.

Wet felted shelf lichen.

Felt, silk and polymer elements to mimic mosses.

Finally pinned on the foam work space to work with layers and layers of needle felting and stitching.

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